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At 4xi, we understand enterprise level tools and support are often preserved to the few who can afford the resources required to create and maintain these assets. We also know that consistency across businesses can be a challenge.

Through 4xi360's OpX Resource Center, we have created a platform where this enterprise level of resources is available, everywhere. 

Whether as a business leader your mission is to be the best you possibly can be, or as a business that wants to be the best, then 4xi360 OpX Resource Center is for you.

From foodservice organizations, to restaurants, hotels, facilities services, to education, leisure, or retail, OpX Resource Center is a place to get access to a whole range of resources, including examples such as:

  • Employee Handbook templates

  • Uniform Job Descriptions

  • Job Aids

  • Business Policies

  • Processes & Procedures

  • Research & Reports

  • Industry Guidelines

  • Useful Information

  • Interesting Articles

  • Useful Links

  • Business in Action Magazine

Over the course of time we will continue to build upon this rich library of resources, and with our Members help we encourage that if there are tools you do need, contact us and we'll create the asset and share back with the group - in the spirit of our belief in being: 


Better Together!

Text showing inspiration Employee Handbook. Concept meaning Document that contains an oper


Do you have your employee handbook in place? Do they know what's expected of them?

Diversity, business people and recruitment chair row in lobby for onboarding of workforce.


Where do you send your employees to learn the specific tasks that will help them and you thrive?

File folders with a tab labeled Policies.jpg


Are your policies and procedures up to date? Are they consistent across your business?

close up stacking of opened magazine with blurry bookshelf background , extremely shallow


Where do you go to for the relevant information for your industry and business?

Sales Assistant With Credit Card Reader On Digital Tablet.jpg


Do you have standard job descriptions to set expectations and measure performance?

Business People Meeting Corporate Analysis Research Office Concept.jpg


What are the questions left unanswered, and how do you learn and grow?

  • Enterprise Support, Everywhere


    Every month
    Tools, Content, Support for You and Your Business.

4xi360 OpX Resource Center is a rich store of tools, templates, and resources to help you and your business thrive.

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